Today, poverty is under the roof. People living in abandoned houses (according to the Portuguese National Statistics Institute (INE) there are 735 empty houses) without any living conditions, without running water or electricity. Families who have lost their jobs and cannot hold up to their monthly expenses, are part of the list of help requests that arrive to the institutions. In 2012, the social support of AMI increased by 6 %, totalling 31842 people supported.Because of the crisis, families are forced to hand over their houses to the banks. In 2013, there were 2,504 donations, an average of 7 per day (according to APEMIP).
Graduates and entire families will get food from the street. For many the only hot meal of the day is served in social canteens (there are 26 in Oporto and they serve over a thousand meals / day) or on the street by teams of volunteers from institutions or individuals who bring food daily.
According to the organizations on the ground, only in Oporto there are more than 200 people living on the street and each institution delivers more than 120 bags of food per night. The Centre for Planning and Intervention Homeless Port is following 1377 people.
According to INE, in 2012, the rate of poverty risk in Portugal was 25.3%.